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The stage is small, but at least we have one. The main floor is primarily for dinner, drinks, just some great conversations, with or without snacks. See the door? That opens to the staircase to the second floor. The restrooms are up there but most of the space is for the dance studio. On the main floor, we can move the piano, bring in the band, and get the sound effects guy if you want to do a play, read some poetry, or tell a short story. We try to keep flexible. We have an open mic, a place to jam and something is always going on the alley. Oh, and then there's a porta too!
The one main rule is no authors, writers, singers, etc. This place is for the characters in your story, the actors in your play, the members of your imaginary band.  You get the idea. Your author can’t come in and talk about you. But you can come in as that character and talk about your author or maybe how you auditioned for the role.
Memoirs are a little different. We won't post a whole book but will post a story or two. We prefer the memory be told from the perspective of an onlooker, or like others, by an actor who played a role in the movie version :)
If you wander around outside, you'll find there's more to our little virtual town. We have a whole other pub just for characters created by fantasy and science fiction writers.  Same deal... just characters. 
We have other buildings we can rent out. If you're interested, see Mike the janitor who hangs out in the basement of the Serendip pub. Some of the establishments are:  
  Millie’s Alterations and Costumes
  Harvey’s Bakery and Sweets
  Horsehair Art Supplies
​​​​​​​Use the "contact sheet" to send a note or to send your post. Mike the Janitor (me) plays moderator. Make it PG13, keep out the violence, etc., etc.
Finally, some gossip
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